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The Hunt for Alien Intelligence is Going Infrared Exoplanets are mysterious, bizarre and some are just a little bit scary. With the help of the Kepler space telescope and advanced ground based exoplanet hunting techniques, for the first time we’re directly observing a veritable menagerie of alien worlds, making this a historic time in human history. Through exoplanetary studies, we’re beginning to even understand our place in the Universe. However, despite all the excitement, many of these alien worlds seem downright weird. Some are being called "impossible," while others sound like they belong in the storyline of the next low budget slasher flick. Edit: Ian O’Neill/Discovery News The majority of exoplanets discovered thus far are gas giant worlds, often many times the size of Jupiter. Sometimes these worlds will orbit so close to their host stars that they are called "hot Jupters." So,
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Suggestions of What To Do When a Customer is Angry If we each step back, I certain most of us will admit to being that angry customer
Cheap NFL jerseys at least once in our lifetime. I know I spoken a bit sharper than I should have a few times. I also know that I tend to lose my patience when I feel that I not being heard. So, what can we do when a customer is angry? We can immediately recognize that it is not about us. We are total strangers. While we know there is anger residing in the other person, we really do not know where it is coming from. We can also set our goal at seeking resolution versus arguing or trying to defend ourselves. When the customer sees us not getting defensive and truly trying to help, sometimes they will calm down enough to find out what the problem really is and then we can find the resolution. Offering an apology can also help towards resolution. I know when I been the angry customer, I much rather hear an apology versus hearing excuses about why I was not provided the service I had expected. I can not tell you how many times I had a sales person try to explain why the service was lousy. Usually they tell me they are understaffed, but I also heard other excuses. If you are a business owner, offer an apology, not an excuse. Show the customer you are listening. Respond to the words they are speaking to you. Remember this person is angry; our goal is to reach a resolution that will make them happy. Once resolution is reached, offer to follow up and then make sure you do. It very possible that the person has a bad day, and took it out on you. It also possible that by offering the best possible customer service you could, you now gained a lifetime customer. Remembering the goal is resolution can often help you in finding the answer to the customer anger.

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